In Harris County, Texas, an unexpected result emerged from the GOP Primary on March 1, 2016. Local attorney Rick Ramos, one of 2 challengers competing against incumbent Chairman Paul Simpson, seemingly came out of nowhere to surprisingly finish in first place, forcing a runoff race, where he and Simpson will compete to lead the most significant Republican Party in any county in America.

Rick Ramos joined me to discuss his record, his goals for the post and his case for his candidacy.


Listen to the show HERE.

One thought on “The American Chronicles – Ep. 012 – Rick Ramos for Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party

  1. Thank you for interviewing Mr. Rick Ramos for your program. Finally, a chairman for the Harris County REPUBLICAN Party that WE THE PEOPLE can support. Mr. Ramos has the right ideas for our county and the right views. He will not be fearful of the Democrats and pander to them and act as if he needs permission to have Biblical, moral views that we all share. When Mayor Anise Parker tried to force a homosexual lifestyle on our city, it was people like Rick Ramos and Dr. Hotze and Jared Woodfill who put their foot down and said “NO!” We didn’t see Paul Simpson or his supporters doing that. How come we see them wear their red shirts for Paul Simpson everywhere, but we did not see them at city hall? Where were they in the fight on the homosexual agenda taking over the city? Why didn’t they help us to stop men from using the bathrooms for women like me or my daughter? My family has lived in Texas for five generations and we have always stood up to tyranny and with Rick Ramos that is exactly what we will do. We will stand for Christian values against the firces of darkness. With Paul Simpson, we don’t even know where we stand. He is too busy spending money to try to get the hispanics and the young people to become Republicans instead of keeping the people who have helped to build the party for the last years. At least Jared Woodfill knew how to reach out to people and keep unity in the party. Something that Paul Simpson does not know. I will vote for Rick Ramos in the runoff because I am tire of having to apologize for my beliefs and for who I am.


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