The 2016 election promises to be one of the most challenging, chaotic and divisive of recent times. Harris County will be the epicenter of an election that could shift Texas politically. As Harris County goes, so goes Texas, and so goes America.

Paul Simpson has done much – more than almost anyone else to rebuild and reinvigorate the grassroots of the Harris County Republican Party after years of anemic, sclerotic growth and apathy – the vacant precinct chairs are being filled, activists find a party welcoming of their passion, the membership is more diverse than ever before, and the agenda in Austin and Washington, DC is being shaped by Harris County.

To now discard all the progress, success and effort, unwisely exchanging them for vague, meaningless talking points and taking the party in an unclear, unfocused direction, under unseasoned, unproven and unreliable leadership seems naively foolhardy at best and obtusely negligent at worst.

There is too much at stake, and too much that yet needs to be done, to needlessly upend the party, leaving it in disarray just before the November election; doing so would be tantamount to surrender and capitulation to the Left.

Paul Simpson has earned the support of Republican voters with proven leadership, commitment to principles and dedication to the future of the party – not just past victories. It is incumbent upon them to vindicate that support by reelecting him Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party when they cast their ballots today.


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