The descent into madness.


“The lower classes have slowly and steadily become more crass, craven and uncultured. They are uninhibited in their depredations, they revel and delight in violence and cruelty, and find their entertainment in demeaning and destroying their fellow man.


This is limited not only to any one of the other races of man, but is indeed prevalent across the classes of our own race. Nor is it found in one culture but not another. Rather it is to be found without regard to civilization, but is instead a trait with deep roots in the hearts of men.


Thus they have established their own symbols of status and prominence. They have of their own determined a measure for profit and accomplishment. These are foreign and inimical to those of society and the upper classes. Worse still, the lower classes no longer strive to reach the upper class, but are instead content to merely be the paladins of their own class.


In truth, and as can be seen, they have no aspirations to become officers of the court, or physicians, or builders of great edifices, or men of consequence. Rather, their wish is to be the most feared, the most rough, most brutal, most notorious bandit within their town, or the most depraved of the barbarians in the countryside. They are small people for a small world.


They create nothing. They benefit nothing. They improve nothing. It is their nature to consume and destroy, endlessly, until all is dust – even unto themselves. This is the beast that threatens to ravenously devour us all.”

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