Child sacrifice cultists enthusiastically chanting “Hail Satan,” during the mob riots at the Texas Capitol in 2013.

With a ruling striking down reasonable restrictions on abortion in Texas, the Supreme Court signaled that the wholesale slaughter of the unborn may resume unabated. In a dramatic ruling that seemed specifically designed and intended to deter other states from passing laws to restrict or limit abortion, the 5-3 ruling (the 4 leftist Justices joined by former moderate Justice Anthony Kennedy), delivered a victory to abortion activists, further illustrating the increasingly desperate need for a Conservative to win the presidency.

In 2012, Garry Wills wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, following the murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT by an evil, deranged psychopath. His piece, titled Our Moloch, tries its best to associate the violent actions of criminals and the mentally deranged with what he views as an unreasonable interpretation of the Constitution’s Second Amendment, which is clearly understood – even by the Supreme Court – to ensure that American citizens have the right to own and use firearms for their own purposes – including defense – as the Founders intended.

He unsuccessfully tries to tie American “gun culture” to an ancient cult of child sacrifice to the evil god, “Moloch”. Wells tries his best to equate ownership of guns to the worship of Moloch, and equates children killed by gun violence to the sacrifices made by Moloch’s worshipers.  Wills never addresses the role of a decadent culture that prizes unearned fame, individualistic materialism and uninhibited debauchery at the expense of hard work, modesty and personal responsibility. He ties all the problems and tragedies to the mere existence of guns.

The sad truth is that while children have sadly and tragically died as a result of gun violence – all of them heartbreaking victims of depraved murderers, sick psychopaths and evil butchers – far more of them, many, many more – have been slaughtered and sacrificed on the altar of Leftist Liberal Secularism and its violent, child and family-hating ideology, manifested as feminism, Socialism and abortion on demand.

The few who have died from gunshots pale in stark comparison to the millions who have been butchered in the name of “choice”. Over 50,000,000 – that’s Fifty Million – children have had their lives ended in a quiet, calm, clean and peaceful doctor’s office since Roe v. Wade in 1972. Yet to protest against these deaths is to engage in a “war on women”.  To remember the millions of dead is to want to “drag women into the stone age.”


The Democrat party has long championed the wholesale slaughter of untold millions of innocents, yet purports to be the party of families, women and children. How could they possibly hope to represent those whom they hate and kill? Democrats and their policies have done so much to destroy families, set women back in terms of decency, morals and values, and their platform spurs the deaths of millions of the unborn.

The clear consensus is the fact that Americans are largely pro-life, 50% – 41%. By a margin of 72% – 25% Americans believe that abortion should be illegal under some or all circumstances, and for making third trimester abortions illegal. That is not a fringe, or a small majority. When Democrats made abortion a centerpiece of their 2012 convention, they did so not to show that the majority of voters favor the practice, but in an effort to get their fanatically rabid and religiously devout supporters to the polls. The Democrat party is a cult of death, violence and anger. Those are the qualities embodied by their adherents.

Moloch was real. He still is, and he’s a card-carrying member of the Democrat party.

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