One thought on “To put it another way

  1. Buy season tickets and go to all the games to get some real good entertainment. I worked at Home Depot on West Road & I-45 from June 2001 to August 2002.

    4 Store Managers, 3 Assistant Managers, 3 department heads, I was move to 3 different jobs and 2 different departments with the same assistant manager, and that was considered “Normal”.

    One store manager was fired, one was demoted and one went back to his old store, one assistant manager fired another was reassigned ( doing a head cashier now married with 2 kids ), one department head fired.

    After I told the score card to the Store Manager that replaced the one that got fired ( buddy you are the 4th store manager in one year, nobody can run this place ), 20 minutes later I was fired.

    Such is life.


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