Kim Ogg is the Democratic nominee challenging Republican incumbent Devon Anderson to become the Harris County District Attorney. Two years ago in 2014, she challenged Anderson and fell short in the election. This time, Ogg says she’s running against Devon Anderson’s record, and is offering herself to county residents as an alternative choice for the DA’s Office. She appeared on the show the day after debating Anderson in their only meeting of the campaign.

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2 thoughts on “The American Chronicles – Ep. 021 – Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney

  1. I agree with Mat and disagree with Mat.

    I do not support Kim Ogg.
    I do not support Devon Anderson.

    Tampering with a Government document is used for people who make fake $20 bills. I was working at Walgreens back in 2007-08 and one of the “guys” in the Pharmacy put in a fake $20 bill into the register. He left the store in handcuffs. He was charged by the state of Texas for Tapering with a government document. Not the Feds, but the state of Texas.

    Now giving a fake drivers license to get information that you put out as a reporter, happens all the time. Mike Wallace of 60 minutes used fake ID’s back in the 60’s to get stories of all kinds of criminal activity. Use a fake drivers license to buy beer if you are underage, yes that should be a crime too.

    What needs to be done?

    Clean up the laws and make it clear, if you change or tamper with a government document and you gain or someone else gains from that action, they that is a crime. If you are changing an ID to get access to just talk to someone and get “information” to use as a reporter, then that should be legal.

    A crime is when you “steal”. Daleiden and Merritt did not “Steal” anything.

    Steal a life, murder.
    Steal someone peace, assault.
    Steal money, theft.

    What was “Stolen”?


    He misrepresented who he was, and they started talking about money, cars, and baby parts. Nothing stolen.

    Devon Anderson should have never charged Daleiden and Merritt with anything.

    But I know Devon and she is a “Bitch on wheels”. In 4 years a good Republican DA will be put in charge of Harris County. Until then….Devon or Kim do not have my vote.


  2. I support Devon Anderson for re-election as the District Attorney for Harris County. (and its okay if you don’t agree with me)
    -Devon Anderson has made great strides towards pot decriminalization with the catch and release program.
    – Devon Anderson charged Constable Jimmy Drummond, who has since left the force, with one misdemeanor count of official oppression for beating a family on their front yard.
    – Devon Anderson charged Harris County Sheriff Deputy Donald Wayne Tipps with sexual assault and official oppression for having sex with a woman in the back of his squad car instead of taking her to jail. (Turns out she didn’t do anything to be taken to jail.)
    – Devon Anderson charged HPD Officer Adan Jimenez Carranza, 32, is with aggravated assault of an adult. He allegedly raped a woman while on duty on June 18, 2012.
    – Devon Anderson has brought charges against Deputies Ronaldine Pierre and William Strong for Official Oppression. These two dumbasses stripped a woman naked in a parking lot and fingered her “searching for pot” for 12 minutes.
    YEAH IVE BEEN WATCHING. AND TAKING NOTES. THERE IS A REASON YOU LOVE ME. I am voting for Devon Anderson in November, I hope you will to.
    + David did break the law. I haven’t heard any conservatives in the Republican Party bring resolutions to the floor of the Harris County Executive Committee meeting to repeal this law. What Christian pro-life conservatives are asking for is *selective enforcement*. These same Christian Conservatives often tell me that what we don’t want in our country is Obama selectively enforcing laws.
    “Daleiden and Merritt were charged with one felony related to tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count related to buying human tissue. The felony charge was in reference to the use of a fake ID. ”
    Additionally, Planned Parenthood is still protected by Roe vs Wade. How can you expect a local DA to overturn a supreme court ruling?
    + The Rape Victim, Devon Anderson did not put the Rape victim in jail, her staff did. There are like 300 District Attorney deputies in Harris County. It is not possible for a person to keep up with 300 staff members. Its not her fault, stop blaming her. (I think the whole public outrage is an attack job by Liberal Democrat Houston Press). What if the emotionally distraught rape victim had killed herself shortly after being released? Now she has something to live for, suing the city. 🙂


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