America is in desperate need of principled, ethical, responsible leadership – qualities which are not to be found in either major party nominee this year. It is time to look beyond the traditional party boundaries for answers that address the concerns shared by the vast majority of Americans.

We stand at a precipice. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt, deceitful, untrustworthy candidate to ever seek the Oval Office. Her long, well-documented history of lies, cover-ups, malfeasance and corruption could (and do) fill volumes. Just last week, while investigating the actions of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI found sufficient evidence and reason to reopen their investigation into Clinton’s potentially criminal activity. She is patently unfit for the presidency, and under any other circumstances, would be in significant legal trouble and possibly in jail.

In any average year, the Republican party could be counted upon to put forward a nominee whose background, experience, temperament and ability make him or her a plausible candidate for the presidency. This year however, things are a bit different.

Out of the crowded scrum of 17 candidates, Republican primary voters passed over the governors, senators, et al., and imprudently gave Donald Trump – who had never even voted in a GOP primary before voting for himself in one, and who for at least 20 years has consistently endorsed various policies, programs, and candidates favored by the left – the mantle of nominee.

However, while winning the nomination, Trump not only failed to consolidate and unify the party – more than 16 million Republican primary voters cast votes for another candidate – he created further division by disparaging those opposed to his nomination, and by using the RNC as a cudgel to force through his nomination at the convention in July.

Trump has never represented the values and principles of the Republican party, much less Conservatism. He has endorsed pro-statist, pro-big government policies. He has expressed preference for anti-free market, anti-free speech, and anti-Second Amendment legislation, and has made significant donations to the campaigns of such noteworthy luminaries as Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton.

The challenges we face are serious and imposing. At home – a moribund economy, a heavy-handed administrative state growing ever larger and more intrusive, sharp political and ideological divisions growing ever wider, racial strife growing ever more violent – all exacerbated by the dangerously irresponsible incumbent regime’s party, have contributed to plummeting confidence in our democratic institutions, our civic leaders, and the American dream. Increasingly, Americans place less trust in their government, their representatives, their neighbors and their institutions.

At the same time, we face an ever-worsening situation globally. The Middle East is an open conflagration, with deep and far-reaching consequences for all. The rise of ISIS has led to dangerous instability across the region, threats to security across the hemisphere and around the world, and violent bloodshed from Syria to Paris to Orlando.

Russia is belligerently resurgent, endangering stability in multiple regions, challenging American superiority at the diplomatic table and on the battlefield. On Obama’s watch an increasingly aggressive China has created multiple islands in the South China Sea, straining geopolitical tensions that were already fraught with stress, and both nations have made serious inroads in jeopardizing American relationships and alliances in multiple regions.

North Korea continues to advance its development of a nuclear program that poses a threat to an ever-widening part of the globe. Iran, flush with cash from the Obama regime and freed of crippling sanctions finds no restraints on its funding of international terrorism, and is on a path to achieving nuclear capability within a decade.

In the face of all these problems, both candidates fail to bring real solutions to the table, and offer only further morass. They have either helped to create the mess in which we find ourselves, or have no clue whatsoever of how to even begin approaching them. Neither of the two major party nominees – not Trump, not Clinton – are prepared, capable or fit to address these challenges in ways that lead to successful outcomes in the national interest. Both candidates are deeply flawed, compromised, and represent not the best America has to offer, but the worst of its failures; not our hopes, but our fears; not what we share, but what divides us.

Evan McMullin has never donated to a Democrat running for office. He has never compromised national security by using an unauthorized private server. He hasn’t got a 20+ year track record of supporting liberals and their leftist policies. To the contrary, he has been a consistent champion of the pro-life movement, he has embraced ideas and policies that promote liberty, equality, free market capitalism, shrink the size of government, and reduce and eliminate infringement of constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of speech, worship and the right to bear arms.

As an officer for 11 years in the CIA doing counter terrorism work, McMullin understands the geopolitical challenges facing America, and has worked directly to counter threats, foster relationships, and serve the national interest. In congress, he worked as the chief policy director for U.S. House Republicans, helping them to counter the radical and dangerous Obama – Clinton agenda.

In a recent column at National Interest, McMullin stated: “Regardless of whether I win, I am running a campaign that is designed to change the political landscape. We have energized a new generation of conservatives who are now standing up for their principles while rejecting racism, sexism, and all other forms of bigotry. We are reaching out across the political spectrum to Americans who refuse to tolerate leaders who act as if they are above the law and above the truth. We are reminding Americans of the importance of enduring alliances and friendships that help us to spread prosperity and freedom.”

It’s never too late to do the right thing. Americans of conscience who want to cast a vote FOR someone who upholds their ideals, exemplifies their principles and embodies their positive hopes for the future need not throw away their vote for a candidate who does not represent them, or waste a vote on a candidate whose ideology, values and principles are anathema. They can choose to support a candidate whose conservatism is plainly evident, and at the same time, support those down-ballot Republicans that America needs so much.

As a Texan, I choose to write in Evan McMullin for President.

Stand up with Evan.

Stand up with worthy down-ballot Republicans.

Stand up with America.

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