Put the bucket of antacids down for a minute.

Donald Trump is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. Let that sink in for a minute. Have you finished throwing up? Ok. Keep reading. Your nominee, Hillary Clinton is falling in the polls with days left before the election, the Clinton Foundation is being investigated by the FBI, and Hillary could not only lose the election to Trump, but face severe legal consequences for her actions. I know, you’re reaching for the painkillers now.

You’re asking yourself, “How could this have happened? How did America arrive at the point where we are at the edge of electing Donald Trump to the Oval Office? How could Republican primary voters choose the most antagonistic, bombastic nominee for their party? How is it possible that someone as unworthy and unfit as Trump actually be just one step away from becoming the most powerful person in the world?”

Good questions one and all. Now, look into the mirror.

As a left-wing, progressive, liberal Democrat you may be wondering, “How could I possibly be at fault? How can I be blamed for having a role in the rise of Trump?”

You pushed too far, too fast and too much.  You took gradual societal change (which is normal and natural as civilizations evolve over time) and tried to force it through at warp speed. You forgot that half of the country is opposed to your agenda and must be persuaded, not forced into submission. You viewed them (as your nominee did) as your enemies, rather than your neighbors. In so doing, you declared war on them.

You demanded that history be rewritten, that identities be abandoned and rejected, that heroes be cast aside as villains, that heritage be buried as toxic, that principles and values which had stood for centuries, if not millennia, be cast aside as bigotry, discrimination, or superstition. You demanded all of this, and offered nothing of value to replace it.

You dismissed concerns about abortion as a “war on women,” attacking and actively working to destroy anyone who seeks to end the bloody cycle of violence against the unborn.

You dismissed concerns about same-sex marriage, transgenderism, polygamy, and the rapidly diversifying and expanding definition of human sexuality as mere heteronormativity, homophobia or Neanderthalism.

You dismissed concerns about Islamic terrorism, election integrity, the economy, crime and justice, and religious freedom as Islamophobia, xenophobia, racial bias, institutional racism, “white privilege,” protected discrimination, antiquated superstition, bigotry, patriarchal and outdated.

You used shaming and name-calling, threats, intimidation and the power of government to suppress speech, thought and debate, and forced your policies through on party-line votes.

The Left claimed that Obamacare would increase healthcare options, improve care, reduce costs and told all of us that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.” It was a lie.

The Left claimed that spending $800 billion on a “stimulus” would restart the American economy after the recession of 2007-08, and that millions of “shovel-ready jobs” would result. It was a lie.

The Left claimed that the border was “secure” and that any additional demands to reduce illegal crossings or crime along the border were unwarranted. It was a lie.

The Iran nuclear deal, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the regime targeting conservative journalists – all this and more based entirely on lies, corruption and the use of government as a weapon against those who would dare to criticize it.

Into all this sound and fury walked Donald J. Trump. A man who Andrew Sullivan describes thusly:

He sees the judicial system as entirely subordinate to his political and personal interests, and impugned a federal judge for his ethnicity. He has accused the Justice Department and FBI of a criminal conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton. He has refused to accept in advance the results of any election in which he loses. He has openly argued for government persecution of newspapers that oppose him — pledging to open up antitrust prosecution against the Washington Post, for example. He is the first candidate in American history to subject the press pool to mob hatred — “disgusting, disgusting people” — and anti-Semitic poison from his foulest supporters. He is the first candidate in American history to pledge to imprison his election opponent if he wins power. He has mused about using nuclear weapons in regional wars. He has celebrated police powers that openly deploy racial profiling. His favorite foreign leader is a man who murders journalists, commits war crimes, uses xenophobia and warfare to cement his political standing, and believes in the dismemberment of both NATO and the European Union. Nor has he rejected any of his most odious promises during the primary — from torturing prisoners “even if it doesn’t work” to murdering the innocent family members of terror suspects to rounding up several million noncitizens to declaring war on an entire religion, proposing to create a database to monitor its adherents and bar most from entering the country.

But rather than work to stop him from winning the Republican nomination, you actively cheered as he won contest after contest. Sure, you expressed public disdain – “Goodness me, I can’t understand why the Republicans would nominate such an unsavory character,” or feigned outrage – “Goodness me, that Trump chap is quite the rude boor. I wish someone would give him a good comeuppance,” – but behind the scenes the left was cheering because of the firm, deluded belief that with Trump as the GOP nominee, electing Hillary Clinton was a guarantee. You know you did it.

The media suppressed negative stories about him to every degree possible. They gave him $2 billion in free air time, they allowed him to call in to be interviewed on news talk shows, they produced puff profile pieces on his family – all while still attacking anyone who had a chance to beat him in the primary, all while claiming that while Trump was “dangerous,” other candidates like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz were truly dangerous and should be stopped at all costs.

On social media, many (if not most) of you gloated that the Republicans were done, that with Trump as their standard-bearer, Clinton was assured of victory. But you forgot one critical thing: Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt, deceitful, untrustworthy candidate to ever seek the Oval Office. She is patently unfit for the presidency, and under any other circumstances, would be in significant legal trouble and possibly in jail.

Turning once again to Andrew Sullivan:

Democrats decided to nominate one of the most mediocre, compromised, and Establishment figures one can imagine in a deeply restless moment of anxiety and discontent. They knew full well that Hillary Clinton is incapable of inspiring, of providing reassurance, or of persuading anyone who isn’t already in her corner, and that her self-regard and privilege and money-grubbing have led her into the petty scandals that have been exploited by the tyrant’s massive lies… if this election is a referendum on Clinton, she loses.

For the sake of America, I hope that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are defeated on Election Day. Both are bad for the country, and serve only to divide us further, deepening the resentments, exacerbating the tensions.

You bear as much blame as misguided Republicans for the unmitigated American disaster that is Donald J. Trump. You helped make it happen. You don’t yet realize what you’ve done. But you will soon. I hope you can live with it.

One thought on “Election 2016: An Open Letter to my Progressive / Liberal / Democrat Friends and Family

  1. I fear a Trump Presidency at best will be a continuation of his presidential campaign, but a Clinton Presidency will mean ten trillion more in national debt its first term and a country name change, I don’t think the United Soviet Socialist Republics of North America (USSRNA) will catch on so I’m curious as to what the DNC will go with?

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