This poll ran on Twitter over a period of 24 hours.

Only 20 votes were tallied, but the results were illuminating nonetheless.

While 95% of respondents indicated that they either voted early, by mail or will vote on election day, 5% declared they would not be voting at all. In 2016. The most consequential and controversial election of our lifetimes. This is reflected in the sharp downturn in Democrat turnout.

This is also a reflection of the failure of both political parties to offer compelling, inspirational visions of the future to voters. With support for both candidates and parties being driven primarily by animus and fear for the other group, it is increasingly clear that Americans need a new way forward.

What else can / should Republicans do to not only continue reaching out to minorities, women and young people, but further unite the fractured wings of the GOP?

Comment with your answers.

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