Socialism has failed every single place and time it has been tried. Yet for some disturbing and bizarre reasons, Senator Bernie Sanders attracted a massive following of supporters comprised of a combination of naive millennials, committed leftists and disenchanted liberals, and came close to winning the 2016 Democrat primary against corrupt criminal candidate Hillary Clinton. As a means of bringing truth and clarity to the topic, this sobering and indisputably powerful denunciation of socialism comes via PragerU.

“Is Bernie Sanders right? Are people living under socialism better off? Well, we have a case study: Brazil. With its abundance of natural resources, a hard-working citizenry, and peace with its neighbors, Brazil should be doing great…but it’s not. Widespread poverty, street crime, and corruption plague the country. Why? In a word, socialism. In our new video, Brazilian journalist Felipe Moura Brasil explains what socialism did to his country. Watch it here (English Version).

Brazil’s native language is Portuguese, so this video comes in Portuguese too! Watch it here and share with any and all of your Brazilian (and Portuguese) friends.”

One thought on “How Socialism Ruined My Country – Via PragerU

  1. Thanks davidiuk! At my church, we just finished a study on ” wben helping hurts”. I wasn’t surprised to find that the objectives oc globalism often trumped grass roots charities, and artificially suppressed rising markets in Africa, Asia, and S America. This vid underscores how socialism is NOT a charity of the heart. Many thanks!

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