George T. Farrell is Chairman of BlakPAC, a political action committee primarily working to assist Black Conservatives qualify for office nationwide. The group also works to elect Black, Latino and Asian conservatives to office, opening and expanding the GOP to new voters and candidates. During the 2016 election, those efforts proved to be decisive, as BlakPAC engineered the largest single minority Get Out The Vote effort in Republican Party history, helping to give President Trump the margin of victory he needed to win the key battle ground states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina on Election Day, helping Republicans reclaim the White House.

Farrell joined the show to discuss the foundation and origins of BlakPAC, some of the many accomplishments of the group, the lessons learned from the ground up in the grassroots and some of the upcoming challenges for 2017 and 2018 – including the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to fill the seat vacated by HHS Secretary Tom Price.

BlakPAC Website

BlakPAC Twitter

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