Texas Central Partners, LLC is a private company developing a new high-speed passenger rail system that if completed, will connect Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston using technology that will – according to their website – “provide a travel time of less than 90 minutes.”

The project is currently being proposed to various groups around the state (including members of the Harris County Republican Party) as Texas Central Partners works to finalize arrangements to begin the project. However, several questions have been raised with regard to the feasibility of the project and its potential impact on communities and land owners.

Joining the show to discuss these issues are three people directly involved with the HCRP as activists, precinct chairs, Senate District Chairs and public policy analysts:

Chris Carmona is a practicing attorney and is the current Co-Chair of the Young Republican National Federation. He has been a recent candidate for elected office, and has been a grassroots Republican activist for the last decade. Follow Chris Carmona on Twitter.

Charles Blain is the executive director of Restore Justice USA, a criminal justice reform project of Empower Texans; he is also a regular contributor to The Hill. Follow Charles Blain on Twitter.

Scott Bowen is a Chemical Engineer and a graduate of Texas A&M. He serves as Texas Senate District Chair for SD 11 and Precinct Chair of Precinct #0416 for the Harris County Republican Party and The Republican Party of TexasFollow Scott Bowen on Twitter.

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