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What is this blog all About?

Vlad Davidiuk is a nationally recognized talk radio host, writer, political analyst, and commentator, and has been a longtime activist in local, state and national politics. He has served in numerous capacities for the Republican Party, and has a long history of working with groups advancing the causes of Conservatism and Liberty, such the Young Republicans and the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has worked on multiple political campaigns from local to Federal levels. His heroes and role models include President Ronald Reagan, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Vladimir currently lives in Houston with his family, where he produces and hosts The American Chronicles podcast.

I’m Vlad Davidiuk. I’m married to a wonderful woman and we have been blessed with two beautiful children. My family history is long and convoluted. Suffice it to say that I am of Ukrainian ancestry, and that my grandfather was persecuted and chased out of his homeland by Communism. A new start in the New World gave him the freedom to speak, worship and live as he pleased. That legacy continues to run through my veins.

I’m a proud graduate of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, where I served as Chairman of the College Republicans. I’ve served as Republican Precinct Chair, and Election Judge. I’m a member of the Harris County Republican Party, and I’ve also been part of the Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action, the Houston Republican Liberty Caucus and the Houston Young Republicans. I’ve worked in volunteer and staff capacities on various political campaigns, such as the Steve Mueller campaign for Congress (TX-9), the Ted Cruz campaign for U.S. Senate, the Greg Abbott campaign for Governor, and the Romney, Perry and Cruz Presidential campaigns.

If you would like to utilize any of the content on this blog, feel free to do so! But please include a reference or provide a link to the primary source (whether it’s my blog or somewhere else). Please don’t steal my (or anyone else’s) thoughts and pretend they’re your own. Thanks!


14 thoughts on “What I’m About

  1. I am surprised you haven’t mentioned religious belief or church affiliation as far as I can see. I can always hope you are a child of either the Ukrainian Orthodox Church or one of the variations of the Russian Orthodox Church.
    Хай благословить Бог Вічний тебе, Отець, Син і Святий Дух, один Бог і зараз, і на віки віків.

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  2. I just friended you on twitter. read my columns and let me know if I could help write for your blog. write me stsgmsfdr@ for more information on who I am and what I do.


  3. Wow! There is a lot of hatred toward your ideas and thoughts. It is a shame that a greater attempt of understanding of why and what your opinions are, are not at the forefront. I will not say that I subscribe in whole to any single belief, I recognize the need for opposing and opposite arguments without disdain. There is no resolution without middle ground, ever. I should have exactly what I want no more than my neighbor who is completely in opposition. One question I leave: Is there a civilization, religion, or society that has existed throughout time. I think they have all fallen and to think that one will sustain the test of eternal time will take a lot of convincing.

    Good luck and remember that it is not a court of justice. It is a court of law.

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    1. It is a misconception that resolution comes only at the expense of Compromise. The Middle ground is in fact, historically, NEVER reached.

      Likewise Courts are for the most part about NEITHER Law or Justice. Not in the real world.

      But you are right that opposing views/arguments should be given equal air. That is one of the foundations of a truly Civil Society.

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  4. I have been reading your blog for a long time now, hoping that some day you would start to become a more thoughtful and considerate writer, looking at the evidence of both sides of the argument. It is obvious now, that this isn’t going to happen. You don’t even want to discuss the ideas that moderate progressives like me have to offer. I can’t continue to waste my time reading your articles if you don’t even want to allow a real discussion of all the points of view. I’m unsubscribing now.


  5. Здравствуйте! Ваш – Творческая биография – Изобразительное искусство России свидетельствует о том, что вы в украинским. Вы говорить на языке? Я показано в трудах многих моих друзей и семьи, и мы согласны с тем, что вы пишете.

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  6. Fuck you. Your racism, bigotry, homophobia and intolerance will never win in America. You and your party are fucking done. Have fun fucking rocks in your cave, you fucking American Taliban.


  7. I cannot believe that they let people like you have a blog. You are such an idiot and should not be allowed access to the internet. Your ideas make things worse. No one except for rich, old white racists has ever had a better life from following the Repukelican world view. Youre views are just repackaged racist Republican lies. Why don’t you get a job working as a grabage truck driver, because that is all you do anyway.


    1. “should not be allowed access to the internet”

      The Left is SICK…..and perennially Totalitarian and speak in terms of race. They are the racists.

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