Each of these blogs features heartfelt, thoughtful and passionate expressions of convictions, values and passion. You will make your day that much better by following them. Check this page often, as I will be updating it periodically to add some fantastic new writers as I discover them.

The Brenner Brief

The College Conservative

Turning Point USA

Patriot Insider

Texas GOP Vote

Big Jolly Politics

VDH’s Private Papers

The Political Chicken

Rhymes With Right

When Liberals Attack

Patriot Statesman – Texas Edition

El Rushbo” Rush Limbaugh


Glenn Beck

Gregory Marra, America’s Sculptor

Heritage Alliance

Hispanic Republicans of Texas

“The Great One” Mark Levin

Life News (Pro-life news)

Michelle Malkin

Occupy Bawl Street

Olbermann Watch

The Read List

Real Choice

Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action

The Rockwall Conservative

Speak Now Girl Scouts

Stace In Texas

Texas GOP Vote

TruthAboutFortHood.com (Advocate for Ft. Hood attack victims)

Vladimir Davidiuk

The Wade Emmert Show

Women Explode

Young Conservatives of Texas

Big Jolly Politics

Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Chris Carmona

Corie Whalen

Corporate Morality Action Center

Houston Tea Party Society

Red State


The AntiMedia

Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center

Opera Warhorses

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