A State of Clarity

What else is left? On numerous divisive issues, voters are either clearly aligned on one side (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-religious freedom), or have had the issues decided for them by the Supreme Court and Executive Order (Obamacare, marriage equality, immigration). These issues have been the points on which elections have pivoted. With the decision from SCOTUS on … Continue reading A State of Clarity

Gay Marriage, the Law and Kim Davis

UPDATE: I've included a great clarifying video from CitizenLink on the issue at the bottom of this post. Given the information they provided, it seems Mrs. Davis did not actually break any law, but defied a Judge's order that she comply with his interpretation of the SCOTUS decision. To catch everyone up: a Kentucky County Clerk, … Continue reading Gay Marriage, the Law and Kim Davis

The New Fascists

At the top of the Democrat party, the leaders who stand poised to shepherd America further down the path of decay and decline stand proudly as fascists. They hide behind their claims to being "Liberals" and "Progressives", titles that have misleading connotations and meanings. The new fascists, a development long since derided as an historical impossibility … Continue reading The New Fascists

Hillary Clinton: “Religious beliefs have to be changed”

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party believe that if your religious beliefs get in the way of abortions being performed, then your religion is a problem that must be changed. Hillary Clinton was speaking at the Women in the World Summit in New York on Thursday, April 23 when she began to talk about how laws … Continue reading Hillary Clinton: “Religious beliefs have to be changed”

Socialism Is Misery

  The misery and failure of socialism does not require close, detailed examination. You can see it from space. North Korea is the huge dark space in this Jan. 30, 2014 photo made available by NASA on Monday. The image was made by the Expedition 38 crew aboard the International Space Station, and shows the … Continue reading Socialism Is Misery

The Gender Wage Gap Myth

For far too long, progressives, liberals and feminists have waged a terrible war on women by playing on their fears and manipulating their insecurities as a means of establishing control over them. If you can convince someone for long enough that they are inferior, that they are vulnerable and need protection, they may well capitulate … Continue reading The Gender Wage Gap Myth

Saving the Republic from Itself

History serves many purposes. It serves to let us know where we've been and how we got there. It serves to remind us of what worked and what failed. It serves to pick winners and losers. Most importantly though, history serves as a lens through which we can gaze at our own times to determine … Continue reading Saving the Republic from Itself

Lessons Learned

There exists a definitive correlation between geography, voting patterns and gun violence. Behold the proof: The link is incontrovertible. Voting For Obama = Increased Risk of Gun Violence. The data is, as Obama and his Proglodyte Minions would gleefully exclaim, evidence of “the overwhelming judgment of science,” and can now be concluded as "settled." Therefore, … Continue reading Lessons Learned

French Socialists Outraged at Refusal of Wealthy to Submit

Via The Telegraph: My snarkiness in RED ITALICS France's prime minister has slammed wealthy citizens fleeing the country's punitive tax on high incomes as greedy profiteers seeking to "become even richer". (Quelle horreur!) Jean-Marc Ayrault's outburst came after France's best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up legal residence in a small village just over the border in Belgium, … Continue reading French Socialists Outraged at Refusal of Wealthy to Submit