Harry Reid Leads Democrats to Self-Destruct

In 2013, Senate Democrats, led by (thankfully now retired) Harry Reid employed the so-called "Nuclear Option" to force President Obama's radical and extreme nominees through confirmation over the objections of Republicans. The change was so significant that Reid and his leadership team held a victory party with liberal activists afterward in a room just off … Continue reading Harry Reid Leads Democrats to Self-Destruct

Thank You, President Obama

Republicans have been kind of ridiculous recently. We were crazy to try and defund Obamacare when clearly, it was going to work in every way possible, and contributed to the government shutdown that lasted over two weeks. The time has come to move past all the rancor and partisanship, and it's time we showed some … Continue reading Thank You, President Obama

Saving the Republic from Itself

History serves many purposes. It serves to let us know where we've been and how we got there. It serves to remind us of what worked and what failed. It serves to pick winners and losers. Most importantly though, history serves as a lens through which we can gaze at our own times to determine … Continue reading Saving the Republic from Itself

Everyone Hates Obamacare – Even Democrats

The recent government shutdown engineered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama has led to consequences neither envisioned. From watching centenarian World War II veterans storming the "Barrycades" to enter the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, to seeing Leader Reid respond "Why would we want to do that?" to … Continue reading Everyone Hates Obamacare – Even Democrats

It’s #HarryReidsShutdown

A statement released today by Senator Ted Cruz provides a succinct overview of the ongoing, intentional and malicious damage and harm wrought by the shutdown of the Federal Government by Senator Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats, and subsequent intransigence of President Obama and his administration - damage that Congrssional Republicans tried valiantly and desperately to avoid: Cruz: Reid and Obama Trying … Continue reading It’s #HarryReidsShutdown

Republicans Are The Problem

Where was John Cornyn? That was the question I asked myself over and over again the night of the 21 hour floor speech by Senator Ted Cruz in opposition to Obamacare. Senators Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Mike Enzi, Jeff Sessions, Rand Paul, Jim Inhofe, Pat Roberts and David Vitter all lent their support and help … Continue reading Republicans Are The Problem

A Stay of Sentence Pending Appeal

The Obama Regime decided to delay implementation of a key part its most important legislation for 1 year, ostensibly to give businesses additional time to manage the complex integration. It is pure coincidence that the midterm elections are next year, and utter conjecture that Democrats really do not want to have to defend an incredibly … Continue reading A Stay of Sentence Pending Appeal

The Triumph of Liberty and the People

The Senate wisely rejected an irrational and misguided effort to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Americans yesterday. Under the guise of "bipartisanship", the amendment offered by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), would have required background checks on all commercial sales of guns potentially creating precedents (where none currently exist) that could eventually result … Continue reading The Triumph of Liberty and the People

The Donkey’s Black Heart

The vicious, freedom-hating forces of Communism have a new, softer, multi-ethnic face. Who needs Karl Marx or Lenin when you have a young, attractive black woman, or a swarthy Hispano and can conceal your evil designs behind the multicultural facade? Behold, the updated manifesto from 2012's general election: At the time they were reaching for … Continue reading The Donkey’s Black Heart