50 Years Ago – The Six-Day War for Israel’s Future Begins

50 years ago today, Israeli civilian and military leaders, aware of rapidly advancing war preparations by the surrounding Arab nations of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon launched a decisive, pre-emptive strike. The attack and subsequent battles ended the immediate Arab threat. In the process, The victory led to the retaking of Israeli territory - … Continue reading 50 Years Ago – The Six-Day War for Israel’s Future Begins

Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, On the occasion of your birthday, I wanted to send you greetings and well wishes. I pray your day is filled with immense joy and that you are surrounded by family and friends. Yom Huledet Sameach! As an American, I take great pride in the special friendship the United States of … Continue reading Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu

Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right

Across the globe, in elections in the United Kingdom, Israel, America, India, France, South Korea among others, the people have begun to rise up against the forces of authoritarianism, the forces of hatred and the forces of division, turning their backs on the leftist, secular, divisive ideology and the parties and the corrupt politicians - Socialists, Progressives, … Continue reading Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right

Liberals: Fear, Anger, Hatred

The prime motivating factors for the liberal worldview are not freedom and liberty, but rather fear, anger and hatred. American Liberalism is best understood as the domestic manifestation of Leftism as it has evolved in the halls of academia and Congress. While occasionally wearing the disguise of populism or progressivism in an effort to appeal to the … Continue reading Liberals: Fear, Anger, Hatred

Diplomacy As Farce

President Obama's efforts to resolve the stalemate with Iran have yet to produce concrete results, so when Secretary of State Kerry emerged with a deal late on the night of 11/23/13, it was hailed as a major breakthrough. Looking through the details, however, the deal amounts to unilateral surrender by the west and America. Even our … Continue reading Diplomacy As Farce

Save Our Kids… Arm Our Teachers

Davi Barker has an excellent article demonstrating the shocking effectiveness of preventing or reducing increased numbers of fatalities in mass shootings by civilians armed with concealed weapons. The numbers in his report, Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics is thorough and well-researched. It proves yet again that the answer to the horrible tragedy witnessed in Newtown, Connecticut is not to … Continue reading Save Our Kids… Arm Our Teachers

Israel Waiting

Imagine that you lived in a house with a roommate. Imagine that every single day, your roommate started and ended the day by punching you in the face. Imagine that your roommate, who actually pays no rent, doesn't help with any utilities or chores, was never actually asked to move in, but instead just crashed … Continue reading Israel Waiting

Israel – Caught Between Obama and Iran

Israel is caught in a completely untenable situation. On the one hand, they have relied on the USA as an ally for so long, and have had such a close relationship with the American government, that coordination and cooperation on military matters became commonplace over the last few decades. Indeed, Israel relies on America for … Continue reading Israel – Caught Between Obama and Iran