Obama Economy Strikes Out 49 Times Out Of 50

For the 49th time in 50 months, more jobseekers gave up looking than found work. Some facts are inconvenient, stubborn and intransigent. This irrefutable fact (provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) serves as an indictment against the Obama regime and its savage butchering of the American economy:   The American labor force has shrunk to levels not … Continue reading Obama Economy Strikes Out 49 Times Out Of 50

Record 1 In 8 American Men In Their Prime Working Years Are Not In The Labor Force

Fewer and fewer men are gainfully employed, and the problem has grown into a crisis with each passing year of the Obama administration. As far as American working men are concerned, this is the Obama legacy:   See this article by Daniel Halper for more details.

Colossal Ineptitude

I've made this point before - comparing the colossal ineptitude of the Obama administration in accomplishing what should seemingly be a mundane, straightforward task, with the accomplishments of a comparable administration under much more difficult circumstances, but the quote below truly helps to illustrate the magnitude of the failure of the President, his team and his … Continue reading Colossal Ineptitude

A Rallying Cry for The People of America

Senator Ted Cruz released this video recently as a rallying cry to action for all Americans. 2013 was only the beginning. In spite of the failures of Obamacare and the poorly conceived economic plan (remember the $1 Trillion Stimulus and the "shovel-ready jobs"?), it was only when the sequester imposed real,measurable restraints on the regime … Continue reading A Rallying Cry for The People of America

Some Helpful Perspective

Pearl Harbor to V-E Day: Dec 7, 1941 - May 7, 1945: 3 years, 5 months, 1 day Passage of Obamacare to Present: March 21, 2010 - Dec 4, 2013: 3 years, 8 months, 13 days It took less time for America to enter the conflict of World War II, mobilize the entire American economy, train and … Continue reading Some Helpful Perspective

America Storming the #Barrycades

For those who don't yet know, "Barrycade" is a playful portmanteau of "Barry", the nickname by which President Obama was known in his youth as a tyrant-in-training, and barricade, the means by which tyrants keep citizens at bay. In an effort to maximize the pain and inconvenience of the #ObamaShutdown of the Federal Government, the Obama … Continue reading America Storming the #Barrycades

Blind-sided On the Road to Damascus

After campaigning against the "misguided" war in Iraq during his first run for the presidency in 2008, prematurely ending the war in Afghanistan, and involving itself in a muddled, inconclusive conflict in Libya, the Obama administration now seeks Congressional authorization to begin military operations on behalf of the Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front allied Syrian rebels against Bashar al-Assad. With no … Continue reading Blind-sided On the Road to Damascus

Open Letter to Frontline on PBS

To David Fanning, Executive Producer I am a fan of Frontline, and have been for quite some time. The investigative reporting featured on your program has been both groundbreaking and prize-winning, and for good reason. Frontline reporters are known for being thorough and diligent in their investigations. They have a well-deserved reputation for uncovering the truth … Continue reading Open Letter to Frontline on PBS

Five Years of Arrogance, Deceit, Intimidation

Let's recap: The Obama Administration campaigned on a message of Hope & Change, and came to office on claims that it valued truth, honesty, transparency and security. However, the result of the last five years of the Obama Administration has been the following: Obama lied about his relationship with Bill Ayers. Obama lied about his relationship … Continue reading Five Years of Arrogance, Deceit, Intimidation

A Culture of Lawlessness, Arrogance and Deception

President Nixon infamously kept an "enemies list", one which included all who he believed had crossed, slighted or opposed him in some way, and who deserved to be silenced, harassed and destroyed if possible. While many of the people on the list never even knew about it at the time (the list eventually emerged), they undoubtedly … Continue reading A Culture of Lawlessness, Arrogance and Deception

Liar, Liar, Set the Country on Fire

The attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was a premeditated terrorist attack planned and coordinated by al-Qaeda, leading to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other staff members. The Obama Administration knew this, but lied day after day, blaming an internet video, running out the clock until the election had passed. General David … Continue reading Liar, Liar, Set the Country on Fire

A Wannabe Tyrant

“You know it’s kinda hard just to get along todayOur subject isn't cool, but he thinks it anywayHe may not have a clue, and he may not have styleBut everything he lacks, well he makes up in denialSo don't deflate, play it straightYou know he really doesn't get it anyway.”  Offspring - Pretty Fly (For a … Continue reading A Wannabe Tyrant

Israel – Caught Between Obama and Iran

Israel is caught in a completely untenable situation. On the one hand, they have relied on the USA as an ally for so long, and have had such a close relationship with the American government, that coordination and cooperation on military matters became commonplace over the last few decades. Indeed, Israel relies on America for … Continue reading Israel – Caught Between Obama and Iran