America’s Priorities are Conservative Priorities

The issues most important to Americans are issues on which they trust Republicans to lead. Shocking? No. It is unsurprising that the most recent Gallup poll shows that the issues that voters care the most about also happen to be the priorities of conservatives; the economy, the budget deficit and taxes - things that the Democrat … Continue reading America’s Priorities are Conservative Priorities

“A Smidgen of Corruption”

  For a second time, IRS official Lois Lerner appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. For the second time, she chose to refrain from testifying in an effort to avoid self-incrimination. From Heritage: Former IRS official Lois Lerner once again refused to testify today before the House Oversight and Government Reform … Continue reading “A Smidgen of Corruption”

Meanwhile, back in America…

Obama is greater than Bill Clinton. Clinton only felt America's pain. Barack Obama causes it. A long, boring speech, empty of solutions. Hispanics, African-American families and young people - the groups most badly affected by the current economic malaise - need jobs, growth and opportunity. The current administration's policies accomplish the exact opposite. Republicans can … Continue reading Meanwhile, back in America…

Cato Scholars Respond to the 2014 State of the Union

Cato Institute scholars Alex Nowrasteh, Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, Benjamin H. Friedman, Simon Lester, Neal McCluskey, Mark Calabria, Dan Mitchell, Justin Logan, Patrick J. Michaels, Walter Olson and Jim Harper respond to President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address:

The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama – By Ted Cruz

In the nation's history, there is simply no precedent for an American president so wantonly ignoring federal law. Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the president's persistent pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat. On … Continue reading The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama – By Ted Cruz

Word Of The Day: Megalomania

meg·a·lo·ma·nia noun \ˌme-gə-lō-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə\ : a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance. 1:  a mania for great or grandiose performance 2:  a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur We are led by a man convinced (in spite … Continue reading Word Of The Day: Megalomania

Diplomacy As Farce

President Obama's efforts to resolve the stalemate with Iran have yet to produce concrete results, so when Secretary of State Kerry emerged with a deal late on the night of 11/23/13, it was hailed as a major breakthrough. Looking through the details, however, the deal amounts to unilateral surrender by the west and America. Even our … Continue reading Diplomacy As Farce

The Hollow Man

Why are we so surprised? When a pattern has been firmly established, and has a documented history, there need be no reason for astonishment. When considering the modus operandi of the current President, one should automatically assume a short expiration date on anything said aloud, written or implied. The Heritage Foundation has a great piece on … Continue reading The Hollow Man

Thank You, President Obama

Republicans have been kind of ridiculous recently. We were crazy to try and defund Obamacare when clearly, it was going to work in every way possible, and contributed to the government shutdown that lasted over two weeks. The time has come to move past all the rancor and partisanship, and it's time we showed some … Continue reading Thank You, President Obama

Saving the Republic from Itself

History serves many purposes. It serves to let us know where we've been and how we got there. It serves to remind us of what worked and what failed. It serves to pick winners and losers. Most importantly though, history serves as a lens through which we can gaze at our own times to determine … Continue reading Saving the Republic from Itself

America Storming the #Barrycades

For those who don't yet know, "Barrycade" is a playful portmanteau of "Barry", the nickname by which President Obama was known in his youth as a tyrant-in-training, and barricade, the means by which tyrants keep citizens at bay. In an effort to maximize the pain and inconvenience of the #ObamaShutdown of the Federal Government, the Obama … Continue reading America Storming the #Barrycades

On The Concept of Compromise

When liberals purporting to be “progressive” dismiss black, Hispanic, women and gay Conservatives as mere tokens, sell-outs, "Uncle Tom", "pool boys", "house ni***rs", self-hating, delusional opportunists, how and why should anyone take their arguments seriously that they are the party of diversity, liberty or choice? How are we to persuade those who have already decided … Continue reading On The Concept of Compromise

Chicago and Detroit Follow the Zimbabwe Path

I was speaking with a new friend recently. Suzanne is from Zimbabwe, a country she says is the most beautiful in the world, one where she grew up, spent most of her life (she's 54 now) and where most of her family lived, married, worked and died in their time. I can see the wistful expression on her face … Continue reading Chicago and Detroit Follow the Zimbabwe Path

Where is the Outrage?

MSNBC recently polled viewers and found that an overwhelming number of them supported the Obama Regime's current policy of using unmanned drones, missile strikes and other military assets to kill persons - including American Citizens - that it deems to be a threat, without court oversight, without restrictions and without Congressional approval. The Bush Administration wanted … Continue reading Where is the Outrage?

The Lying Liar Lies and Lied

I find myself so very tempted to discuss the nature of flies. To discuss that which draws their attention. To discuss that about which they buzz. But I won't, because to describe the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama II as a significant quantity of that which emerges from the south end of a … Continue reading The Lying Liar Lies and Lied

History Proves Leftism Wrong

For those who either claim that there is no difference between Capitalism and Socialism, or fail to comprehend the contrast between the two systems, two illustrations serve as examples of the real world outcomes of Socialism and its impact on people. The first one is a well-known image of a satellite photograph of the Korean … Continue reading History Proves Leftism Wrong