Can Conservatives Find a Home in the Libertarian Party?

With Donald Trump potentially torpedoing any chances of the GOP retaking the White House, and with a second Clinton Regime looming, many Republican grassroots activists and supporters - including some Conservatives - are giving the Libertarian Party a serious look. In an act of desperation to stop Trump and Clinton, is it possible that the Libertarian Party finally … Continue reading Can Conservatives Find a Home in the Libertarian Party?

America’s Priorities are Conservative Priorities

The issues most important to Americans are issues on which they trust Republicans to lead. Shocking? No. It is unsurprising that the most recent Gallup poll shows that the issues that voters care the most about also happen to be the priorities of conservatives; the economy, the budget deficit and taxes - things that the Democrat … Continue reading America’s Priorities are Conservative Priorities

Debt, Lies, and Hypocrisy

Just to make sure we all understand exactly where America stands: "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance … Continue reading Debt, Lies, and Hypocrisy

The Remix: #Stand4Life

The Texas Senate once again takes up consideration of legislation designed to protect women's health and preserve the lives of children by limiting abortion procedures to 20 weeks of fetal development when they vote today on Senate Bill 1. Following the tragic mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary by a deranged, depraved killer, President Barack … Continue reading The Remix: #Stand4Life

On The Concept of Compromise

When liberals purporting to be “progressive” dismiss black, Hispanic, women and gay Conservatives as mere tokens, sell-outs, "Uncle Tom", "pool boys", "house ni***rs", self-hating, delusional opportunists, how and why should anyone take their arguments seriously that they are the party of diversity, liberty or choice? How are we to persuade those who have already decided … Continue reading On The Concept of Compromise

History Proves Leftism Wrong

For those who either claim that there is no difference between Capitalism and Socialism, or fail to comprehend the contrast between the two systems, two illustrations serve as examples of the real world outcomes of Socialism and its impact on people. The first one is a well-known image of a satellite photograph of the Korean … Continue reading History Proves Leftism Wrong

Obama = Voldemort

From Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 2) comes this line from the villain, Voldemort. Following an enormous battle at Hogwarts, with many casualties among the wizards of the school, Voldemort withdraws, seemingly on the cusp of victory. As both sides regroup their forces in order to prepare for the final confrontation, Voldemort uses … Continue reading Obama = Voldemort

Labor Unions = Dodo Birds

Militant Leftist groups (especially labor unions) are outraged by the recent passage of "Right To Work" legislation in the state of Michigan. They have every reason to be angry. They have every reason to be afraid. The legislation frees Michiganders from the shackles and chains that these glorified Organized Crime Syndicates have long forced upon … Continue reading Labor Unions = Dodo Birds

Liberals Have The REAL Hispanic Problem

It occurs to me that with all the talk of the "Hispanic / Latino Electoral divide"  with regard to GOP / Conservative politics, the Republicans have the supremely upper hand when it comes to ACTUAL policy, ACTUAL candidates and ACTUAL leadership. As a group, Hispanics are natural Conservatives. They largely share the same values of Family, … Continue reading Liberals Have The REAL Hispanic Problem

The Battle Is Lost – The War Endures

Do not go gentle into that good night... Rage, rage against the dying of the light.‎ Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night - Dylan Thomas Disaster. Tragedy. Catastrophe. Pick a metaphor. The 2012 election is over, and Barack Obama has defeated Mitt Romney, and been re-elected to the presidency. Worse still, Democrats made gains … Continue reading The Battle Is Lost – The War Endures