How Socialism Ruined My Country – Via PragerU

Socialism has failed every single place and time it has been tried. Yet for some disturbing and bizarre reasons, Senator Bernie Sanders attracted a massive following of supporters comprised of a combination of naive millennials, committed leftists and disenchanted liberals, and came close to winning the 2016 Democrat primary against corrupt criminal candidate Hillary Clinton. … Continue reading How Socialism Ruined My Country – Via PragerU

The Curse of Socialism

While trying to comprehend the rise of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the American Leftist Horde, it occurred to me that today's modern embrace of socialism has a corresponding cultural reference point that serves to illustrate the point rather well. The shifting political dynamic, in which younger voters, especially millennials, have become … Continue reading The Curse of Socialism

The New Fascists

At the top of the Democrat party, the leaders who stand poised to shepherd America further down the path of decay and decline stand proudly as fascists. They hide behind their claims to being "Liberals" and "Progressives", titles that have misleading connotations and meanings. The new fascists, a development long since derided as an historical impossibility … Continue reading The New Fascists

A Modest Proposal for Religious Conservatives

Conservatives - especially those of you whose religious beliefs form the basis of your views - must know by now that your time is almost up. While you've dominated society for a long time, your dominance has been eroded and undermined over time, from within and without. You are no longer the juggernaut you once … Continue reading A Modest Proposal for Religious Conservatives

The Freedom Trio

In honor of May Day, a salute to those who gave so much for the cause of freedom, leading humanity toward a brighter future of freedom and liberty. Ronald Reagan - February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004 Pope Saint John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) - 18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005 Margaret Thatcher - 13 October 1925 – … Continue reading The Freedom Trio

100 Million Victims

In the March 6, 2014 edition of the University of St. Thomas student newspaper, The Summa, a rather troubling and disturbing article entitled, "The Undeservedly Controversial Word: Socialism" was published. At first glance, I hoped that the article was in fact a parody, or perhaps an early April Fool's joke. Surely no one could possibly take … Continue reading 100 Million Victims

The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama – By Ted Cruz

In the nation's history, there is simply no precedent for an American president so wantonly ignoring federal law. Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the president's persistent pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat. On … Continue reading The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama – By Ted Cruz

On The Concept of Compromise

When liberals purporting to be “progressive” dismiss black, Hispanic, women and gay Conservatives as mere tokens, sell-outs, "Uncle Tom", "pool boys", "house ni***rs", self-hating, delusional opportunists, how and why should anyone take their arguments seriously that they are the party of diversity, liberty or choice? How are we to persuade those who have already decided … Continue reading On The Concept of Compromise

Chicago and Detroit Follow the Zimbabwe Path

I was speaking with a new friend recently. Suzanne is from Zimbabwe, a country she says is the most beautiful in the world, one where she grew up, spent most of her life (she's 54 now) and where most of her family lived, married, worked and died in their time. I can see the wistful expression on her face … Continue reading Chicago and Detroit Follow the Zimbabwe Path

Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and the United Kingdom from 1979-1990 died Monday, April 8, 2013 following a stroke. Thatcher, born on October 13, 1925, implemented economic policies that restored Great Britain's economy which had been devastated by long-term stagnation following imposition of socialist policies and the rise of labor unions after World War … Continue reading Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013

Michelle Obama Says “Fatties Are Traitors!”

From her Royal Highness, Czarina Michelle "Antoinette" Obama comes the following blithering, fatuous and vapid tripe: "I am thrilled to be here today as we launch Let’s Move Active Schools –- this unprecedented effort to bring physical education back to America’s schools," she began. She then explained that enough kids get enough exercise--and that she … Continue reading Michelle Obama Says “Fatties Are Traitors!”

Lessons Learned

There exists a definitive correlation between geography, voting patterns and gun violence. Behold the proof: The link is incontrovertible. Voting For Obama = Increased Risk of Gun Violence. The data is, as Obama and his Proglodyte Minions would gleefully exclaim, evidence of “the overwhelming judgment of science,” and can now be concluded as "settled." Therefore, … Continue reading Lessons Learned

History Proves Leftism Wrong

For those who either claim that there is no difference between Capitalism and Socialism, or fail to comprehend the contrast between the two systems, two illustrations serve as examples of the real world outcomes of Socialism and its impact on people. The first one is a well-known image of a satellite photograph of the Korean … Continue reading History Proves Leftism Wrong

The Donkey’s Black Heart

The vicious, freedom-hating forces of Communism have a new, softer, multi-ethnic face. Who needs Karl Marx or Lenin when you have a young, attractive black woman, or a swarthy Hispano and can conceal your evil designs behind the multicultural facade? Behold, the updated manifesto from 2012's general election: At the time they were reaching for … Continue reading The Donkey’s Black Heart

Gun Control is Start of Tyranny

With the recent shocking revelation that the Obama Regime is considering using Executive Orders to enact gun control policy, This seemingly over-simplistic image becomes actually, terrifyingly more accurate than at first glance. Granted, Barack Hussein Obama barely reaches the ankle hairs of history's most evil despots and tyrants. But if you discount the level of depravity, … Continue reading Gun Control is Start of Tyranny

America Has Lost Her Way

It's striking to me that the lessons that Americans had so clearly understood and embraced in 1948 when this cartoon was made have now been cast aside, lost in the slowly rising tide of a bankrupt and morally empty Leftist ideology that has made our political process so partisan and poisoned. As a nation, we … Continue reading America Has Lost Her Way